If you are an engineer already familiar with the Win32/C# development environment, Windows® CE is the logical first choice when considering an embedded OS. In addition to decreasing your system OS size and costs, you can also realise the huge potential of using the ultra low power embedded boards. These technologies have reached a performance point where they can support high end applications - including rich multimedia output whilst maintaining a minuscule power budget and very attractive price point. This winning combination leaves even Atom based X86 boards out in the 'hot' - and it's all possible for CE developers like you.

The RE series of single board computers from Blue Chip Technology are an essential building block for the Windows® CE embedded engineer. The entry level RE1 board runs at 333MHz or 500MHz, a versatile embedded engine capable of driving colour TFT touchscreen interfaces up to 800 x 600 resolution. The higher performance RE2 incorporates a 600/720MHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU with 430/520MHz C64x DSP which can support 720p resolution video content, camera interface, Wi-fi Bluetooth and full GPRS/GPS functionality. Both boards have a typical power dissipation of circa 2 watts supporting fanless, low power builds. The RE boards come with an USB enabled Windows CE 6.0 bootloader and supporting Windows desktop configuration utility. This unique GUI facility lets the user quickly optimise their board settings and start developing within minutes of opening the box.

All of the key hardware features needed to provide a solid embedded platform are present - 512MB Flash memory, Serial Ports (3), 10/100Mbit Ethernet, Audio, Touch Screen controller, optional SD, USB Host Ports, USB Device Port and 12 general purpose I/Os. For developers working with embedded HMI based applications, we have put together REsolution  - an OTS package of mounting, interfacing and display options. REsolution makes integrating a RE1 or RE2 single board computer and display fast and easy - eliminating the usual cabling, signalling and power issues and securing problem-free fit, form and function upgrades for the future.


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