PCI-PIO 48 Data Acquisition Card
PCI-PIO Data Acquisition Board


  • 8255 compatible, inputs & outputs
  • 3 on-board 16 bit Counter Timers (8254 compatible)
  • Facility to fit pull up/down resistors on inputs
  • Supplied with demonstration software examples
  • Fully Universal PCI and Plug -and-play compliant (compatible with 3.3V and 5V buses)

The PCI-PIO is a PCI-compatible half-card which provides digital input/outputs and counter/timers. There are 48 TTL-compatible programmable digital input/outputs available from the board. If the controlling devices are used in handshake mode, the handshake lines are available as interrupt sources.

There are also three programmable counter/timers, the enable and clock inputs being available externally, if required , and the outputs being accessible externally or as interrupt sources. A 4MHz crystal oscillator is available on board to allow the counter/timers to act as accurate timebases. All input/output lines are available at an industry standard 50 way D-type plug connector. One PCI interrupt line may be selectively driven by the seven interrupt sources on the board, the interrupting source being readily identified by the board.