The Blue Chip Technology single board computer range meets all the requirements of an embedded development backed by an in-house team of designers to offer in-depth technical support. We have a wide single board computer range to cover the whole spectrum of customer requirements. In the COM (Computer On Module) section we offer ETX, XTX, COM Express and, of course, the RM range of ARM Cortex based boards. Unlike a traditional single board computer, these boards are a modular core building block which plugs into a custom host boards for a tailored embedded solution.

The Magnum family of 3.5 inch single board computers are popular formats offering a good balance between footprint size and functionality whilst the APEX ZF single board computer retains the compact 90mm x 96mm footprint and robust stacking design of the PC104+ form factor. The RE1, RE2 and now the RE3 form an ARM based range of embedded boards, which are particularly suited to low power, HMI based applications.  

We support a wide choice of OS across our embedded computers, including Linux, Android, Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE, and QNX. Blue Chip Technology single board computers have a three year warranty and a typical five year product availability. Additionally, our hardware platforms are supported by our very strong team of in-house software engineers who support a wide range of complimentary services:

•   OS board support package development
•   Driver integration and development
•   Bootloader porting and test
•   BIOS porting, optimisation and enhancements

New! - we now also offer application software development.